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Online Payment thru Paymaya
1. What are the steps for Online Payment thru Paymaya?

Online Payment Thru Paymaya

  • Stakeholders may open a ticket thru Customer Care Portal system by using the Help Topic: Order of Payment/ Paymaya (Renewal). Upon successful creation of the ticket, it shall be automatically routed to the Accounts Management Office (AMO).
  • AMO shall then check the requirements of the request and issue an email invoice containing the Order of Payment and other pertinent details.
  • The stakeholder shall input the following details: Name, Amount, Credit Card Number, and other details on the invoice.
  • Upon completion of payment, the system shall notify the stakeholders for the successful transaction and shall be viewed on the Paymaya’s website.
2. Why can’t I find the Bureau of Customs (BOC) in my Paymaya App?

Answer: At present, the BOC is using email invoicing for online payment thru Paymaya since the front end of the former is currently being developed. Stakeholders may opt to open ticket as previously discussed on FAQ 1.

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