Frequently Asked Questions

The medicines/ cosmetics/ toys/ processed food are for personal use not for sale, why there is a need for a permit?
Permit prior to importation is required by the concerned regulatory agency if the quantity is more than the allowable limit. Requirements can be checked at the website of the concerned regulatory agency such as:

-Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for medicines, supplements, toys, processed food and cosmetics;

-National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) for cellphone, computer and other devices such as routers;

-Bureau of Plant and Industry for plants;

-Bureau of Animal Industry for animals

-Bureau of Quarantine for fresh food

-Optical Media Board for storage devices such as CD, DVD and USB

-Firearm and Explosives Office for firearms, ammunitions, guns and parts thereof

-PAGCOR for gambling paraphernalia

-PDEA for controlled substances and chemicals

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