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Account Registration
How do you register a user account on the Customer Care Portal System (CCPS)?

The Bureau of Customs (BoC) Customer Care Portal System (CCPS, also known as the BoC Ticketing System) requires the registration of a user account on the system before you can create a ticket.

If you already have a user account on the CCPS, you may consider selecting the following link for a guide on how to Open a New Ticket.

  1. To register an account, please select the following link: Account Registration Page
  2. On the registration page, please enter your information in all the required fields with the red asterisk as shown in the image below, specifically, the Full Name and Email Address fields. It is also recommended to enter information in all of the other fields to make it easier for the BoC to validate your information:

  3. Before submitting your registration, please enter your preferred password in the Create a Password field and re-enter the same password in the Confirm New Password field. You may then select the Register button to submit your account registration:

  4. Upon submission of your registration information, the system shall inform you that an account confirmation message has been sent to your Email Address:

  5. Please open your email to find the account confirmation message from BOC-CARES. Select the link provided at the bottom of the email message (encircled in red in the picture below):

  6. The link will automatically log you in to your CCPS account. You will be notified that your email has been confirmed and that your account has been activated. You may now create tickets by selecting the Open a New Ticket link (encircled in red in the picture below) on the upper right side of your screen:

  7. Please select the following link to see a guide on how to open new tickets: Open a New Ticket


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