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Open a New Ticket
How do you Open a New Ticket?

  1. To open a new ticket, you must have an active registered account on the Bureau of Customs (BoC) Customer Care Portal System (CCPS). If you do not have an active registered account, please select the following link and check the instructions provided:
    How to Register a New Account on the CCPS
  2. Select the following link to access the CCPS log-in page: CCPS Log-In Page
  3. On the CCPS Login Page, please enter either your Email Address or Username, then your Password on the required fields then select the Sign In button (fields and button encircled in red in the picture below):

  4. You will now be logged in the CCPS ticket creation page.Please select the "Select a Help Topic" field (encircled in red in the picture below) to show all available help topics:

  5. Select the relevant help topic related to your transaction or concern with the BoC:

  6. Once you have selected a Help Topic, all of the relevant fields will show up below the Help Topic field. Please fill out all of the required fields (signified by a field name followed by a red asterisk), then once all fields are filled out you may select the green "Create Ticket" button at the bottom of the page:

Please select the following link for a guide in selecting the appropriate Help Topic for your ticket: What Help Topic should I select for my ticket?


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